It’s something which definitely creeps up on us from time to time. However it’s important that intercept as early as possible to avoid it playing a major part in our year.

We’ve all just returned back to our everyday school or work routines, and this can definitely be stressful, as you try to navigate yourself.

The start of the year can be particularly difficult for those who may have a mental health illness. It’s important to implement strategies that will support your mental well being during this season.

Here are 5 quick tips which will hopefully help you through the year!

Keep a regular routine

Having a routine allows you to stay present, and aware of your surroundings. It can also lower anxiety levels and improve mental health.

It may be tempting to lay in bed after a long day but try to be proactive, and move your body as this will help with concentration and attentiveness throughout the day.

Stay connected with others

We know the holidays burns everyone’s pocket, and as soon as January begins everyone goes on some strict spending routine including dry January. However, reaching out to friends and family can definitely help, and there are loads of ways to have fun without spending your last pennies. If you’re alone FaceTime, Skype, or invite over friends and family if you can.

Uphold healthy boundaries

If you have people trying to give you a lot of responsibility at once, don’t suffer in silence. You are allowed to say ‘No’, and you are allowed to set firm boundaries.


January sales are key for shopping, you can also start stocking up on your spring/summer gear in this month which gives you a head start and avoids paying a lot more later. 

Practice Mindfulness

Apps such as headspace and calm have great resources for mindfulness. Mindfulness is a great way to reduce anxiety and become consciously aware of your thoughts and emotions.

I hope my tips have been useful!

As this is my last article I would like to wish you a successful 2019.

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