As we are in the lead up to the final months of the year we may witness many changes in our surroundings whether it be the environment, weather, a new academic year, or perhaps even a new fling for t “cuffing” season. Whatever changes you are going through it is very important your skin stays in-tact. I’m sure many of you, just as I am are going through skin changes – it’s important to implement some new tricks into you’re routine to keep you’re skin looking young and healthy.

I will be sharing my top must have skincare products with you.

                                                          Bee Lovely Body Butter- £23

The “Bee Lovely Body Butter” can be found online and in-store at Neal’s Yard. It is an essential for the individual seeking for a long-lasting glow and intense moisture, perfect for the upcoming autumn season and winter.  

The butter is made using beeswax. An ingredient highly effective for repairing dry skin, treating acne and other skin conditions.  The scent is warm and inviting too, making it perfect.


This jewel of a tub can be purchased online and in store from The Body Shop. With regular deals and offers, there is no excuse as to why you cannot achieve a vibrant glow using the ‘Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser.’ Wind, Snow or Rain, you can rely on the infused Amazonian Camu Camu to give you energy, and natural radiance on a daily basis.


                                                          BOTANICAL EFFECTS INVIGORATING SCRUB- £13.97

After this product was gifted to me two years ago by my Mary Kay representative, I believe I fell in love. After one week’s consistent use, I loved the gel texture which allowed a smooth application, and the pleasant smell and the final result of a refreshed face after washing it off. This product is very gentle on the skin, with its aloe vera extract and exfoliating fruit seeds, I would highly recommend it for sensitive and dull skin.

This can be purchased directly from Mary Kay online or you can contact your nearest Mary Kay representative, (which can be located using the website), who will be able to test it on you, and if you are happy with the product you can purchase it.


                             VITAMIN E EYES CUBE- £9.50

Let’s face it…day to day life is draining and the heavy bags under our eyes are far from eligible to qualify for Kylie Jenner’s purse closet. To avoid these ladies and gentlemen, I would highly recommend the daily use of The Body Shop’s refreshing eye cube, to nurture the tender under eye skin erasing the tired look and bringing out the life in you.



                                   MIA FLORA COCONUT OIL- £8.99

A world-renowned skin moisturiser, hair moisturiser and repairing agent also known as coconut oil… meet your September must have from Holland & Barrett! For just £8.99, this is a rejuvenation item that is safe to use on all areas of the body from head to toe to achieve moisture. Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal which is very practical. The efficiency of this product is a promise to you all.



A highly effective lip treatment or balm should be your pocket’s best friend. The upcoming cold weather season will make a lot of us prone to dry lips and Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Treatment is the remedy for just that. This will leave your lips feeling smooth, with organic lemon oil to tackle dryness, giving you maximum radiance.


                                   THE BODY SHOP FACE MIST- £6.00

The Body Shop’s face Mist collection have a variety of flavours to suit all types of skin including Coconut Calming, Rose Dewy Glow and a few more, all of which are makeup friendly. However, my personal favourite is the Mandarin Energising face mist which brings out brightness and energy and is quick to apply when I am in a rush.




The affordable Bioderma Stick is another one of my recommended remedies for chapped lips. With this stick being allergen and paraben free, I highly recommend it for sensitive lips. It is priced at £5.10 from Boots stores in the UK however, can be found for less online if you shop around.



Last but by no means the least essential, is the Neutrogena hand cream… which translates to 50ml of greatness. Dry hands are a common dilemma that most of us will face in these upcoming months and it is important we have a reliable hand cream to see us through the season and this will do just that! This can be purchased from many supermarkets, Superdrug, Boots and other pharmacies in the UK.

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