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We hope that music suggestion wasn’t too much of a distraction. That by clicking it you headed over to YouTube to rediscover a bunch of Funky House classics and never looked back. Trust us we struggled with that too.

A few weeks ago we dropped a blog post on our website ‘Nike: Back To School Basics’ which covered the main essentials you’ll need for university, click here to read. However, today we’ve got a university look-book for you.

You’re probably wondering who exactly this “we” is. Well, we are Crep Check Mondays, a UK Sneaker Blog & Service. Want some crep? Drop us a DM and we’ll help you out! If you want to discover more about us click here. All of our socials can be found at the end of this article.


As always grab a snack, or your card & let’s begin!



University culture absorbs fashion, just look at the international students dressed in the likes of Gucci, Off-White and other designer brands from head to toe. Our bank balances might not be the same as theirs but, that’s no reason not to be saucy. With this five-day look-book, you’ll have five affordable-because that’s important-rough ideas of outfits you can throw together for the week.


Day 1: Casual Mondays 

The first day of the week, you don’t want to look your best because that sets the bar too high for the rest of the week, especially if you can’t keep up with it. For this sake we’ll save the ‘I’ve made an effort’ looks for later on in the week.

Keep it as simple as possible with a hoodie, joggers and crep. Depending on the temperature, even the weather forecast (check the likelihood for rain, especially if you’re wearing all white AF1s or 95s), you can decide to add a jacket or stick with a hoodie. Feel free to accessorise with jewellery, this look will look great with the addition of something as simple as a silver chain.



Nike Air Force 1 (LEFT) 

Nike Air Max 95 (RIGHT) 


Day 2: Bougie Tuesdays

So, on Monday you kept it pretty casual, but now it’s time to step up. just a bit. Not too much, but just enough to let people know, that you know, how to put an outfit together. 

Black & White, two colours that can never go wrong when put together. If it’s cold out swap these ripped jeans for regular ones. For this outfit, find a way to accessorise with silver jewellery, such as, a chain or necklace, a watch or rings. To add more to the look, throw on a pair of sunglasses, it doesn’t matter if they’re the skinny type or retro.



Nike Air Max 95 (LEFT) 

Nike Air Max 97 (RIGHT) 


Day 3: Regular Wednesdays

By Wednesday it’s clear that you’ve started to make more of an effort with your outfits, but the best is still yet to come. Now’s the time to start experimenting with a bit more colour.

The most essential outfit you’ll need for university, and probably what you’ll end up wearing most days if you’re not  the tracksuit or joggers type. Any t-shirt and jeans will do, designer or not. If you opt for a graphic t-shirt build your outfit based on items that will complement the main colour/s you’ve chosen. Work with accents, don’t focus on matching everything. You can always switch out the boots for all white low Air Force 1s.



Doc Martens 

Air Force 1 


Day 4: Chill Thursdays

What is your university wardrobe without a tracksuit or two? Whew chileee, the ghetto. You finally reach that ultimate level of comfort, and feel like “Even if I don’t want to make any effort, I still look wavy.” As everyone isn’t willing to splash £100+ on a single tracksuit, we won’t suggest a Nike Tech Fleece no matter how good they look. For more affordable tracksuits check out ASOS , Zalando , Footasylum  & JD .

Any all-white outfit or piece of clothing is risky, but as Headie One once said, “No risk, no reward. I gotta take risks,” words to live by. If you’re clumsy, even just a bit, we wouldn’t recommend this colour tracksuit for both your sake and ours. You can swap this white tracksuit for navy blue, black, camo green, grey or even pink if you’re feeling adventurous. Dress it up with sneakers or down with slides. For this fit in particular keep accessories to a minimum, less is more.



Air Max 97 (LEFT) 

Fila Slides (RIGHT) 


Day 5: Impromptu Fridays

The week has come and gone in a flash, now it’s time to look forward to the weekend. Catch up on the football, head out to a party – or watch your favourite TV series. What better way to start the weekend off than with a relaxed fit before the turn up. 

Effortless. Have you picked up on the ongoing theme yet? It’s all about accents. Matching the lighter camouflage on the jacket to the colour of your sneakers, it may be tempting but don’t go overboard with the all-out camo Air Force 1s . They’ll make the whole idea of camouflage overbearing. The aim is to be subtle. However, if you don’t want those Air Forces why not try a pair of black and white sneakers: Fila Disruptor II  , Adidas Continental 80  or Vans Sk8-Hi . Just like Thursdays, keep accessories to a minimum.



Air Force 1 (LEFT) 

Air Max 97 (RIGHT) 


That’s it! Five outfits for every day of the week. You may like the outfits we’ve put together, and you might not, but we hope it’s given you some sort of idea of what you can wear to university, and what you can experiment with. Remember to work with different colours & items until you find something you’re comfortable in.


Let’s step away from fashion and move onto a few educational and lifestyle tips.



The reason why we go to university. Some people say A2 aka Year 13 is harder than university, let’s try to make it easier with these tips.

Deadlines – Never miss them. You can submit work at the last minute, but it’s risky. To stay on top of deadlines get a whiteboard and write down your deadlines for the following two weeks. By doing so, you can estimate how long you have and how much time it will take you to complete your assignments. This way you can plan and prioritise work based on both factors.

Further Reading – If you don’t want to be surprised when you see the first question in your exam paper, make sure to do further reading outside of your lectures. Lecturers are simply introducing topics to you, but it’s your responsibility to find out more.



   Is it me or the lifestyle? Don’t go broke trying to look rich.

Budgeting & Saving – Get a Budget Planner. Calculate your monthly income, fixed and general spending, click here to purchase a Budgeting Template for as little as £1.99, or here  to browse a variety of budgeting apps you can download straight to your phone & sync your bank account/s to. If you get a budget planner why not put a portion of your monthly savings away. Start saving early for that car you want, those crep you’ve been eyeing or that holiday you’ve planned.

Mental Health – One thing people often forget to touch on when it comes to talking about university. Your mental health is the most important thing to take care of. If you find yourself struggling, confused or upset, speak to your university’s well-being and student support team, or family and friends. You’ll be surprised to find how many people, can relate to how you feel and will help you.


Network, network & network. If it wasn’t for networking, you most likely wouldn’t be reading this post nor would you know who Crep Check Mondays are. If you have your own hustle, you do hair, have a clothing line, are a graphic designer, or web developer (literally anything) make sure to put yourself and your brand out there! Whether, that be asking university societies or Student Union to promote your brand or reaching out to brands you want to collaborate with, every ounce of networking is important for what opportunities you are presented with in the future. 


Thanks for reading, hopefully we’ve covered enough topics to help you settle into university (again), of course, some topics we were unable to cover. But, if you do have further questions feel free to email us at: & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Stay wavy!


IG: crepcheckmondays 

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Facebook: Crep Check Mondays 


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