It’s that time of year again when the Apple Gods have released the new iPhone models, and this year they have given us 3 new designs to look hopeful for; The iPhone XS the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR

 Let’s start with the XS and XS Max. They are pretty much the same phone but come in 2 different sizes. The XS is 5.8 inches and the XS 6.5 inches which is the biggest iPhone to date. Now apparently in this new line the glass is stronger to make them more durable, but I’d still recommend a case. The XS in true iPhone fashion looks exactly the same as last year (unless we are talking about the Max) but we do have some new software updates. So both the XS and XS max have an A12 chip. For those of you who don’t know what this feature is – we can expect to see faster CPU and GPU ppperformances. Apple also claims that the face ID is now faster than before hopefully as fast as touch ID but I’ll guess we’ll see. Now for the camera our favourite feature on a smartphone both the XS and XS Max have a 12 mega pixel wide and telephoto lens, so pretty similar specs as the iPhone X, and it also has a HDR feature which will make us take the best photos possible. My IG is about to be popping! This will also give us better portrait mode photos. I’m serious its about to be over for you guys if I pick this phone up.


One thing iPhone users still struggle with is battery life. However this time round the battery got a bit of an upgrade too with the XS Apple said that there’s an extra 30 mins of battery, but on the XS Max an extra 90 mins more than the iPhone X. The water resistance is meant to be better this year, but I know none of us are putting our phones under water.


So now the most important part retail pricing? The XS starts at £999 and the XS Max £1,099 I know it’s crazy and that’s for the 64GB model but these phones actually can go all the way up to 512GB so storage should not be an issue.


So if these prices are a bit much and it is for me we have a cheaper option the iPhone XR. The XR just like some of the older iPhone versions such as the 5C comes in a lot of different colours; black, white, coral, blue yellow and red and it will start at £750 which is still a bit nuts, but maybe a contract wont be so bad and it still has the A12 chip. So why is it cheaper? Well instead of stainless steel this uses aluminium but we can still use the wireless charging feature. Another compromise is the display as the XS and XS Max use an OLED display the XR uses an LCD and it has slightly bigger bezels. The biggest change I noticed was the camera. There’s only one camera in the back but calm down guys we still have portrait mode. So to be honest the R may be the way to go you’ll get the same performance, but its just a little less premium. And because we have this great new line we have a price drop in all the other iPhones which is great.


So guys will you be getting any of these phones? Or are you a Samsung or any other phone user let us know your thoughts?

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