It’s almost August and it’s the first time in a long time that we have had an actual summer! The weather has definitely been kind to us and I know we’re all hoping it will last till the biggest street festival on Sunday 26th and Monday 27th August.


I mean this must be the best thing that has happened to the UK since Brexit. 

For many, Notting Hill Carnival is definitely the highlight event of the Summer. It’s in London, it’s free, and it’s the only event where you’ll hear a plethora of Afro-Caribbean music, from Soca to Afrobeats and everything in between. Taking place over the summer bank holiday weekend, it promises to be a jam-packed weekend with almost 2million people expected to attend.

Now for the seasoned veteran, NHC2018 is going to be a cinch. For those who perhaps have never been or perhaps haven’t been in a while, you’ll probably want to prepare well in advance as NHC is a combination of rum, whining, music and unadulterated hedonistic fun (not for the faint hearted).

It’s a day in London for everyone to get involved, celebrating African and Caribbean culture. Over the years it’s grown to include people from all over the world and it represents the multi culturalism that Britain is known for today. In short, it’s a day where people celebrate diversity and openly express themselves through food, music and dance.

Founded on the principal of union and solidarity, NHC was created after the Notting Hill Race Riots in 1959 in an attempt to strengthen the relations between the Metropolitan police and the black and ethnic minority community in London. In 1966 in an age of perpetual uncertainty, the spirit of carnival was born creating an atmosphere where everyone can rejoice their similarities and respect each other’s differences.

With that all being said, we’ve created a list of top 10 best ways to make the most out of Notting Hill Carnival to help you navigate through. So without further ado, here they are:


Also known as ‘Children Day’, takes place on Sunday. It’s a day designed to get families and children involved. You’ll normally find Carnivalers throwing paint on each other and the mood is generally lighter. Please be aware that moving floats will be playing very loud music, so if you do bring your children remember to bring some form of hearing protection.


Short for ‘Masquerade’, these are the people dressed in fancy costumes. You’ll spot them everywhere in amazing beautiful costumes filled with rhinestone, sequences and feathers. These costumes are normally handmade and generally take thousands of hours to make. You’ll spot them on Monday taking part in Grand Final Parade.


It wouldn’t be carnival without some true Caribbean food. You definitely won’ t be out of options as almost every side street you turn, you’ll be sure to find curry goat, jerk chicken, festival, roti and tons more.

Bring Cash!

Unless you want to be stuck in a queue for hours, only to find out the atm has run out of money, bring cash! The street vendors don’t normally accept card and you’ll also find that the atms will quickly run out of money.

Arrive early

If you’re not a fan of large crowds, you might want to arrive early. The majority of people tend to make it to carnival in the afternoon so if you want to get the best experience we strongly recommend you do. 

Emergency Kit

Don’t be afraid to bring an emergency kit for those unforeseen moments. We recommend you bring some wet wipes, spare change, portable charger, water and in the past we definitely would have recommended a hoodie or cardie, but considering the great summer weather we’re having, you might want to leave that at home.

Meeting point

Everyone has got lost from their friends at least once at Notting hill carnival, so we strongly advise you agree on a meeting point in case you get lost from one another.  


These are difficult to find and when you do, you might find that you have to pay a small fortune to use them. Our advice, pace yourself and try and use the toilet from as early as possible.

Download Our Digital Map! 

We’ve created a map with all the sound systems, nearest stations, and parade route. You’ll find it difficult to use your mobile phone and navigating your way round carnival can be a nightmare without google maps.

So, we’ve added a map that you can use offline and download straight to your phone.

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