Earlier this month (May 12th) talented Grime duo Krept and Konan surprised everyone as they revealed they would be opening a new restaurant named Crepes & Cones. Even making a song to accompany it! Check it out at the bottom 🙂

In interviews the pair have described the spot as being “not your average dessert restaurant.” Crepes and Cones sells a range of food including crepes, waffles, grilled food, chicken, burgers, ribs and hot dogs. It also offers cocktails, mocktails, slushes and milkshakes, and even boasts its own private room which is available to hire.

Just a few days after opening it’s doors, floods of reviews began to surface on Google with many celebrities and food critics giving it 5 stars due to the vibe, amazing service, funky cocktails and scrumptious wings as well as delicious dessert. This of course sparked an even stronger desire for members of the public to also pay their visit so they could join in on the fun.

However nearly three weeks on reviews and responses have slowly taken a turn for the worst as a complete storm has built up on social media with customers giving some pretty negative and wild feedback about their experience.

First beginning with @Jadeeni who started off with a very discouraging and opinionated thread about her visit. “I’m all for supporting black businesses and I really want my people to prosper but it goes without saying this is my only experience. It’s been open a few weeks so I get they are still learning too.” Jade then proceeded to do a thread from start to finish about her experience commenting on having to que outside to be seated for an hour, even though tables were empty. Jade commented on little to no effort on communication from staff to let her know what was happening. After being seated there were a number of problems with the food and drink which were being served and there were delays in the food being brought to tables.

The part which caused the most disturbance online was an uploaded image of one of the main dishes, which was supposed to be ribs and chips for £13.95.


Even though this young lady seemed to have such a bad experience, she did comment on the attitude and appearance of the staff. Calling the waitresses ‘young black queens’ and commenting on their ability to have a smile on their face throughout the whole day even though under pressure. The dessert was also praised for it’s taste.

Many laughed at the whole situation, commenting and making jokes about the restaurant and it seemed as though just a few tweets had potentially ruined the outlook of the restaurant. However there seemed to be a few who defended the restaurant and were not going to stand for just one review.

Just a couple of hours after a second lady on twitter by the name of @IngridMarina1 shared her experience, and unfortunately to say yes it was negative.

“I really wanted to support black businesses and was so excited to support crepes and cones but today’s experience was the worst experience I’ve ever had with a restaurant.”

Again the same issues with waiting to get inside, food delays and portion sizes seemed to arise. Now for two issues to surface, from two different customers, yet they shared the same experience. It can’t just be a dragging situation.

Unfortunately for Ingrid and Jade many took their comments on the restaurant, and turned it around to attack them? Since when did it become a crime to state your opinions on social media? In all honesty I believe that the way both of the girls formatted their tweets didn’t come from a place of hatred, but more from a place of disappointment as they had such high hopes for an emerging black business.

There were a few however who suggested both the girls could have gone about this in a different way especially as it has only been a few weeks that the business has been operating. Some suggested addressing all the negatives on the day rather than taking to social media as it came across as though they were looking for ‘clout’ meaning attention/fame. Others suggested that they write a letter of complaint to management, also stating on what improvements could be made. Overall it seemed that people felt these tweets deterred customers away from visiting rather than coming across as an opinion.

Social media is definitely a place which has become difficult to express your opinion as many feel the need to police each other on what should and shouldn’t be said. If you ever feel unsure about whether you should voice your opinion on a topic, in fear of online attack, maybe try resolving your issue in-store?

We would like to share with you the point of view from one of our writers Katrina who is a waitress, and her tips on how you as a customer can treat waitresses like her with some respect.

After three and a half years of being a waitress, you learn a few tricks! Working in a busy cafe can be hectic, but it can also be the most rewarding thing. Being a server is sometimes looked down upon, I have heard stories of frustrated mothers telling their children to stay in school, or they will end up a waiter, but why is it such a bad job?

This view shines a negative light on the service industry, it makes it seem like a glorified slave trade. Although we are there to help the customer in anyway possible, we are also there to enjoy our work! Some customers try their very best to make this impossible. With this said here are three reasons to be nice to your server!


 They are in control of your food!

From placing your order, to when it is served your waiter is in charge of your food/drinks (minus the cooking bit). There have been many horror stories of waiters tampering with food / drinks. Eric Spitznagel for Men’s Health, tells us about a time a man found spit in his wife’s drink.

 The nice customer is always the best customer

Dealing with a packed out cafe every weekend is hard work! The queues of people demanding food, I find myself repeating the same sentences again and again like a robot. The one thing that helps me through the day is a happy customer. The customer that wishes me a nice day, or compliments my hair that day, or even just makes a joke about how busy it is, that is the customer that puts a smile on my face and gives me just a little motivation. Also when the customer is nice, I feel more inclined to give them a better experience. A little kindness can mean better service.

  Remember they are a person

Though I act like a robot on the till, us waiters/ waitresses are human, we have feelings and more importantly we make mistakes. I run around like a headless chicken at work to make sure my customers are happy, with so many plates spinning, sometimes I’ll forget the odd thing, this does not mean I am giving a bad service. It means I’m human. Be understanding to your server, and definitely do not click your fingers and expect them to run straight over.

The overall moral here is you can have an opinion on an issue or bad experience but always make sure it is put across in a polite manner and just maybe you may get further with your outcome.

Katrina says Have respect for that person, you wouldn’t walk up to someone in the street and grab someone. Think about your actions.


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