London based tech entrepreneur, Joshua Ogunnote, is introducing to the world a music social media app called “CHUNE”. This is a platform that connects people who listen to the same music and allows them to interact and share music amongst themselves.


The launch date is yet to be confirmed, however we can expect to see CHUNE on the app store this summer.  CHUNE’s CEO Joshua explains, “The origin of the idea came from my frustration with the current Music providers, Spotify, Apple Music etc. They felt so enclosed as they just don’t facilitate music sharing amongst the people. CHUNE was essentially born to create bridges between people through the music they love.”


CHUNE are happy to announce that they will be hosting a private launch party event at a hidden location. The app will be launched on that day at the event and our guests will be the first people to ever use the app. The launch event will feature special guest appearances, competitions on the day as well as music, catering, beverages, professional photographers and videographers.


Joshua comments, “This event will be an amazing opportunity to really engage with our core fan base as well as provide the opportunity for all our fans to connect and support the brand and experience music together”


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