The UGLY Trainer

So, this is a new series I’ll be starting on the blog. Basically, as a fashion lover, I definitely follow trends. Not all trends. I will never be a kitten heel girl (sorry not sorry). But I am aware of them and I feel that runway to high street there are options for everyone and I want to showcase those.


The first of the series is focusing on the “ugly trainer” trend. I love this trend. When I first saw Fila Disruptors online I basically drooled. They aren’t everyone’s favourite but I 100% see the beauty in these beasts.


Balenciaga are, in my opinion, the front runners in this trend. But dropping £500+ on a pair of clunky shoes is not an option for everyone (definitely not for me) and why would I want to do that when there are so many high street options that are affordable and easily accessible?


1. The Fave – EGO Elijah Trainer
2. ASOS Design Chunky Trainer
3. TopShop Ciara Chunky Trainer
4. Boohoo Rose Chunky Trainer
5. Reebok Classic DMX Run

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