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As we embrace the new month of March “happy new month by the way”. We leave January behind and its New Year’s resolutions already out of the window, and February’s 2nd chance still haunting us. I think this is the perfect time to talk about “Habits”

I bet you already thinking of something which you know needs to change in your life for a better lifestyle, but it’s just hard. Right, or maybe I’m wrong?


You’re not alone we all in this together, it’s life. As we grow we learn and pick habits “bad and good” and they become part of our DNA so to speak. They become part of us and ingrained deep in our veins so bad we don’t know how to live any other way.

Here’s little bit about me 3 years ago back at university, in my 1st year I got acquainted with Mary J if you know what I mean *weed*, like most university students do. The only difference between most students and I was I got carried away and enjoyed myself so much to the point that it became a breakfast, lunch and dinner I know I lost the plot there.

I’m not here to condemn or condone weed, but for me when I realised that I had created a bad habit which was affecting my lifestyle. I made a decision to pull my socks and change my habit, this was the best decision ever. No longer did I want to see myself slacking in my studies, not being productive, or constantly having empty pockets which were mostly empty without fail due to spending habits. There was a price to pay though because it was not going to be that easy to just give up.

At the time I didn’t know this but now looking back in hindsight it totally makes sense, see quitting was just not enough. I had to replace one habit with another, a better one. So, first thing I did was join the gym after my friends had been begging me for months, and also started a YouTube channel. This meant the time I used to chill, and smoke was gym time now and, in the afternoons, when I got my free days/time, I used that time for my research and working on my channel. Before I knew it, I was feeling great, spending more time doing productive stuff, spending more time with more of my people and my pockets was looking healthy.


Basically, what I am trying to illustrate is change of habits is not an automatic thing, you have to work for it and you have to disrupt and break certain links within your habits. I think replacing certain habits with new ones is a very effective thing to do especially if you happen to fall in love with the new ones too. I been listening to an audiobook called “The Power Of Habit” and it talks about the 3 R’s.


  • Reminder – This is a trigger that starts a habit e.g. for some “stress” can lead to over eating.
  • Routine – Your behaviour or the habit itself e.g. over/unhealthy eating.
  • Reward – The benefits associated or comes with your habit e.g. feeling less stressed.


Looking at these 3 R’s if you want to get healthy for example, you can’t just say I’m going to start cooking and eating healthy. What happens on the day that you get stressed out, you fall back and eat a lot a lot of junk food. So, in this case the best thing to do is maybe replace food “Routine” with meditation then eat healthy and get your “Reward”, the best healthy version of yourself physically and mentally.


At the end of the day patience and change are married, you can’t have change without patience so let’s give these 2018 goals one more shot and kick some ass in this year!

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