MCM decided to catch up with the Founder of K Naturals Kadejha Morgan and find out more about her extensions for women with Afro-Caribbean hair. K Natural is the newest company to hit the market, providing quality hair at an affordable price. We just had to bring you guys in!


MCM: What does hair mean to you? And what role has it played in your life?

Kad: My hair means a lot to me, I see it as a way to express my individuality whether I wear it in it’s natural form or in a protective style. Throughout my life I have used my hair as a way to convey the proudness I have of my heritage. As an older sister I always felt it was important that I challenged the current European beauty standard by being openly proud of my 4b/c texture.


MCM: Are you natural yourself? If so what has your journey been like?

Kad: I have been natural for 6 years, since the age of 16. I relaxed my hair aged 12 due to peer pressure and regretted it instantly! My once long healthy hair broke off and became very thin. Although some women can grow thick relaxed hair I found that this wasn’t for me and missed my curls and what they represented. I chose to transition rather than big chop and throughout my hair journey I have focused on finding natural products and prioritised thick and healthy over long hair – I’m not afraid of a trim!


MCM: Where did the idea for Knatural come from and what has made you persistent with this in a society where natural hair is deemed as unprofessional?

Kad: I had been thinking about starting Knatural since around age 18. It annoyed me that black women spend so much on the hair and beauty industry, especially weaves and extensions, yet do not seem to be catered for appropriately. A lot of women love to switch up their hairstyle and I felt that the current bone-straight or body wave options encouraged women to damage their hair through over-straightening, or even relaxing their virgin hair to blend with their bundles. How unfair is it that women of other races can find extensions to match their natural hair but women of Afro-descent struggle or are forced to pay extortionate prices.

I always put 100% effort in things that I am passionate about and I refuse to accept the notion that my hair, in it’s natural state, could ever be unprofessional. Hence, I will continue to encourage women of Afro-descent to proudly wear a natural texture, whether that is in a professional or casual environment.


MCM: Your whole brand seems quite student friendly. How important is it for young girls to feel comfortable with their appearance?

Kad: Very important! As I mentioned earlier, I have a younger sister and my wish for her and all young girls is to grow up feeling happy and confident with every aspect of their appearance. I wanted to make Knatural affordable as it is important to me that Knatural’s extensions can be accessed by everyone. Textured hair extensions are not common in the UK and I did not want income to be a barrier.

MCM: Do you have any events, pop up shops or collaborations coming up?

Kad: I am currently collaborating with @lessandrasbeauty_studio (Instagram) who make wigs for women who prefer to cover their entire hair in a protective style. Customers who order Knatural bundles through her will also receive an exclusive discount.

I encourage women to look after the hair that is under their extensions, so we will be giving away hair care hampers to a few lucky winners. The giveaway will start in March, so stay tuned to our Instagram page for further news. Knatural is only three months old and I have a lot of exciting ideas for the business that I am hoping to launch this year. We all love a surprise so I won’t say too much, but keep up with our social media page for updates.


MCM: Where can we find you?

Kad: View our catalogue or find out more about Knatural at https://knatural.co.uk . Also, feel free to DM, or email k.naturalhair@hotmail.com for any questions.



Kadejha Morgan


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