Let’s SMASH 2018!

There’s a cliché saying “this year is gonna be my year”, well something along the lines of that. Last year was bit of a wild year, and whether it was a crap one or a good one, there’s a few things you can do to make THIS YEAR a LIT one.

If you set “New Year’s Resolution” for this year, and you’ve been struggling to keep up with the goals you created, this one’s for you.


Create a Vision Board

For me vision boards are particularly powerful, and they’ve worked for me in the past and the present. It’s a great way of manifesting your visions into your reality. The likes of Jack Canfield, the best selling author of Chicken Soup for the soul and Oprah Winfrey swear by them.

However, people can become complacent when they create a vision board. Vision boards are there to inspire you, and increase your level of motivation, however you have to do the work. Whilst you may be able to “attract” some goals, you will take some action in order to achieve them.


Do one thing at a time

Doing too many things at once is why we perhaps become overwhelmed. It’s much easier to tackle one thing at a time than spreading yourself thin. By working on one thing at a time, you become much more productive, and achieve maximum flow. Breaking your projects or tasks into chunks can also be beneficial for productivity.


Discover any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back

Personal growth is imperative.

Everyone has their own perception of success, and what they want achieve. However, limiting beliefs and fears can hold you back from going after what you really want in life.

Limiting beliefs are often formed in childhood, and they are often a result of experiences that occurred during childhood.

Managing and overcoming limiting beliefs can be tricky at first, but it is possible.


  1. Schedule quiet time to identify any limiting beliefs.  

Your limiting beliefs often come in the form thoughts that replay in your mind every single day.


  1. Pick one limiting belief to work

Trying to tackle various limiting beliefs at once would be triggering and emotionally overwhelming. Perhaps start with a belief that you feel is false but keeps popping up any way, instead of diving straight into a painful belief.


  1. Ask yourself why you believe this

This is where self-reflection comes in; try to recall every experience you’ve had that reinforced this belief.


  1. Gather any evidence that suggests this belief is false

Think of any examples in your life where this statement about yourself was false. Have a hard think because this step could take a while.


  1. Replace it with positive visualisation

For some people this step could be difficult, it is however do able. Whenever you catch yourself thinking this belief, counteract it with positive belief, or engage in visualisation.


Managing and overcoming your limiting beliefs doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t sweat it. There are many different ways to tackle limiting beliefs, such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or Psychotherapy.

Take care of you!


Above all, take care of your mental, physical, and financial health, and that’s what will make your year a LIT one.


Get your mind right and make sure your at The Inside Out Process.


Sat 24 February 2018
18:00 – 21:00

We Heart Mondays
60 Dace Road
E3 2NQ

1 in 4 people in the UK will experience mental health issues this year, and there is a lack of discussion about practical ways to reduce your risk of this.
So what are we doing about it?
INSIDE OUT UK are very excited to host our first event of 2018…
THE INSIDE OUT PROCESS (Mental Health Panel Discussion & Networking Event)
Now is the time for us all to generate healthy conversations and to discuss Mental Health holistically!
We are going to explore a range of factors that can effect your Mental Health and Wellbeing and share practical tips to improve your health from the Inside Out, and outside in.
We have a diverse group of Mental Health Professionals and Adocates who will be sharing their expertise on the panel to provide in-depth insight for you, no matter what stage of the journey you are at.
Our Panelists include:
– Dr Eleanor Akaho (Psychiatrist and Trainee Personal Development Coach)
– Rio Gibbs (Founder of ‘Body Language’)
– Inci Baysal (Psychologist)

– James Downs (Mental Health & Eating Disorders Campaigner)
– Tae Cambell (Yoga Instructor & Psychotherapist)
– Henrietta Adegoke (Cognitve Behavioural Therapist)

The topics we will be discussing aim to educate about improving mental and physical health in order to reduce your risk of developing mental ill health.

Want to meet Mental Health Professionals from diverse backgrounds, Adocates and people who want to improve their health? This is the event for you!


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