Chasing Your Creative Passion!

It’s no surprise to anyone that we millennials have a hustling spirit which is admirable.

We are constantly reminded through testimonies or threads on Twitter of young people doing big things or Instagram posts of our age mates living the lives we constantly  dream of.

The ‘Forbes under 30’ list this year showed young entrepreneurs as young as age 13 actualizing ideas that the world can’t do without, and monetizing from them. And though not everything is as it seems online, the fact remains that this is definitely the era of being able to attain whatever you want  regardless of age or social status.

But the reality is, we’ve always had this ability in our very DNA. It’s growing up that adds layers on top of what we want. Layers of hearing ‘don’t be selfish’, ‘you can’t have everything you want’, ‘the world doesn’t work like that’, ‘you can’t be successful as a creative’ from our parents, peers, and even teachers. Then before we know it, years have gone by and our real wants, requirements and desires have become so drowned by the fears of other people, that they’re no longer visible – and neither is our happiness.

As babies, we are born fearless. So surely this is what we are meant to be? We are born curious, always exploring, even when adults become tired of chasing after us. When we are born we instantly cry and when the response we seek isn’t quick enough or the right one. There’s a problem. We spit food out if we don’t like it and we radiate a joy when we get something we like, which only ever encourages those around us to give us more of it.

When did this change? When did we stop being so in control of our behaviour? And the answer is – when we started to live our lives for and according to other people and not for ourselves. We can’t question why things aren’t working out as we would like them to, when we conveniently overlook the fact that we aren’t even living the lives we want to be living.

So when I say ‘learn to be a baby again’, I don’t mean cry vehemently when you don’t get something or get dirty and expect someone to come and clean up after you (because as being an adult has shown many of us, we have to be strong and very responsible for our actions) I mean let’s be babies so we are able to instill that fearlessness in ourselves again, so we can create demands and standards for ourselves and have others meet these standards. But how do you do this after years of being in a man-made mental cage?

Ask yourself if you are truly happy with the current version of you? Ask yourself what you feel your life purpose is and if your everyday actions move you closer towards this. How do you even know what your life purpose is? Ask yourself what brings you the most joy. What could you do for free, and feel empowered by just from seeing the results of your actions, before even thinking of money? If the answer to these questions strays very far from your current life, change it. Break down the cage, and do what is required for your desired life even if it’s ‘inconvenient’. Because this life is the ONLY one you have.

The truth is selfishness is required in focus, the truth is you can have everything you want if you plan yourself accordingly and stay glued to your vision even in the face of adversity, the truth is the world works in accordance to how you want it to work when you demand what you want from it and work towards this daily, and you can definitely be successful as a creative, in fact expression is one of the only things everyone can relate to because there is no fixed right or wrong way to express or understand expression.

Let us cultivate hustling spirits filled with more positive affirmations of: ‘I am capable. I will explore my talents, discover and rediscover what truly makes me happy, adjust my life to achieve this and regardless of the path I take, success is the only thing I am going to know.’

So yes, let’s go back to being babies again.

Two young men who are following their creative passions are Film-maker and screenwriter Remi Moses and Actor and Producer Ola Christian featured in our cover photo.

MCM have been following both of their journeys for a while and can we can definitely say that the dedication, and commitment to their brands Blame The Consumer and Levile TV has been nothing but consistent.

Yesterday night at the Screen Nation awards Remi won Best Director award


Check out his content here:


Ola won Best Arts and Lifestyle Entertainment!

Follow @LevileTV on twitter to follow the journey!


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