Here at MCM you know we love to put you on to the latest sounds. Now if you’re wondering who to keep an eye out for both in the UK and US then our friend PotentKO based in Dallas has just made your life a whole lot easier.

With a following both in the UK and in his hometown PotentKO has made a serious hour long mix featuring some great upcoming artists.  When asked the reason behind putting this mix together PotentKO said “I started doing these mixes because my friends literally forced me as they appreciate my taste in music.”

Already being noticed on social media for his creativity within the fashion and music industry, there was no difficulty when it came to putting the mix together as this young man is very well connected!  “Doing this mix with just a laptop, and no DJ controller was difficult – but I managed.” We agree with you PotentKO! The mix sounded very raw and real which is what we like.

This mix can definitely give you an indicator of the artists who are going to blow up in 2018, and Potent is doing us all a favour and putting us on board before everyone else. Now when you’re bumping these tunes at a house party, or in your car you can be that person who knows all the underground music. Potent describes his mix as a sort of ‘XXL Freshman List’ introducing you to the young people in the industry.

If you want to update your Spotify or Apple Music playlists, now is the time to do it.

Take a listen to the mix, and let us know what you think.

Recommended by PotentKO himself these artists are definitely ones to look out for and are featured.

Lancey Foux (UK)

Dagye (UK)

Milkaveli (UK)

CeonRPG (UK)

Cody Allen (US)

Levi Carter (US)

For more info and to keep up to date follow @PotentKo on Twitter.

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