The ladies of Selective Hearing put on another live session and of course as soon as I was told, I knew I had to be there after the great time I had at their first one in 2016! If you haven’t heard of Selective Hearing before, they are a group of 4 girls from South East London who want to educate as many people as they can about the vast number of musicians and artists within the music industry, both mainstream and beyond. This is a concept that I personally love, and will always support because there are so many talented people out there who need a platform to be heard so a big shout out to these ladies for making that happen.

Selective Hearing Sessions Live or #SHSL showcases new and upcoming artists, musicians, and poets based on music the ladies are currently loving and want everyone to hear. Having heard a couple snippets of the artists who were going to perform on their Instagram page, I was very excited to hear them live on the night.

After getting lost for the 100th time (please forgive me, I’m not a regular to South London!) we finally made it to the venue at DIY Space for London and as I entered, it was giving me basement/warehouse party vibes with the DJ in the back and the lit stage at the front – very different from last year’s bar setting but I loved it because it was kind of like going back in time to a classic 90s party. There were 7 artists who performed on the night who I suggest you go and look up if you enjoy good music:

                        J Casa


                                Omenka – @Omenkaofficial1IMG_2771

           KINDER – @hereiskinder


               MYM – @MYMishere  











            Boadi – @BoadiMusic


                 Jake Silke – @JakeSilke








               E^rth – @hernameisearth



In all honesty, none of the artists disappointed in delivering material that was captivating, innovative and genuinely just nice to listen and vibe to. I was glad to hear from returning acts like Omenka and Jake Silke – in particular, I loved that Jake performed his track Fly Away that was a hit last year and an even bigger one this year, complete with full crowd participation and a great appreciation for those beautiful runs.

I really enjoyed E^rth’s performance and knew she was going to be on point from her warm up, already giving us a hint of her vocal range simply through her singing each letter of her name – ingenious. The combination of her band and her vocals brought such a neo soul feel in to the space, informing the crowd that she believes that she is a vessel of love and expresses this through her music. A line that stuck out to me in particular from her track Chapter 11 was ‘being me is tricky/I only show what I want you to see’ – something that we can all relate to because who actually shows every bit of their life when it comes to things like social media? The fact that she even made me think this way through the use of her music made me even appreciate it more.

Boadi was another favourite of mine bringing lot’s of energy and passion to the stage that you couldn’t help but move, especially with his waist movements mesmerizing the ladies at the front! His vocal range shocked me – I never expected it – and his tracks Save My Soul, Good Good Loving and Only You gave me smooth, jazz and reggae vibes. If you want to hear music that you can secure bae with, just give those last few tracks a listen and you’re good to go!

The turn out for the event was great as I expected, with a range of different ages and cultures in the place and the playlist in between the acts was fire, so whoever composed that needs to send it to me so I can reminisce! I especially enjoyed watching people get lost trying to dance to Candy which was then followed by vibing to classics like This is How We Do It, Livin’ It Up and She Got That Vibe. Once again I had a great time at what is these guys second event, and it was even more successful than the first. I got a sense of a group who have a clear point of view, know what they want and how they want to do it, and will only get bigger and better each year.

If you haven’t attended #SHSL yet you’re missing out! Make sure you follow them on all social media platforms to find out when their next event will be.

Twitter: @SelectiveHearing

Instagram: @SelectiveHearingOfficial

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