#RAH its PAYDAY: Desperate Ones

As we creep slowly towards the end of the month the tell-tale signs of our financial situation will begin
to pop up.
If you’re anything like me you start to check your online banking app less frequently. Maybe you run
frantically to the nearest cashpoint and try to withdraw as much cash as you can, as quickly as
possible, in the hope of escaping those dreaded direct debits.
You try to save face, but even your self-centred colleagues notice your pensive stare at lunch as you
ponder over whether the Large Vanilla Latte and Chicken Panini you just bought will be your last meal
until the end of the month.
If you do find yourself in this position, there are some things that you can do:
If you’re avoiding checking your balance. Don’t. The first step to overcoming your financial issue is
accepting that you may have an issue. Once you have quantitative evidence of your mishaps you can
work on the solution.

If you have more money than expected: Great! But don’t get carried away. Count your
blessings and set yourself a reasonable budget until the end of the month. If you can,
put a little bit away into your savings.
If your account NEEDS SOME MILK: Good news is you’re not alone. 35% of people
blow their wages in the first WEEK with that figure rising to as much as 65% after
21days. I know you’re probably thinking ‘yeah that’s all well and good, but how does
that help me?. It doesn’t. But what may help you is a little root cause analysis. Figure
out what it is that put you in this situation. From there you can come up with solutions.
Follow @Riceathomepod on twitter where I’ll upload a sample Root cause analysis tree
this week for you guys to see.

SO what can you do right now?
Dowload the Fudget: Money Management app on iOS and Android. The budgeting app that
everyone can get with! Create simple lists of incomings & expenses to keep track of your
balance you can even Save an income/expense to repeat it on future budgets

If your situation is dire, don’t keep it to yourself, GET HELP! The citizens advice bureau is
available for free financial consultation at any time https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/.

Keep your eyes peeled, your ears open and your pockets full, until next time


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