Tasha Cobbs X Nicki Minaj

Let’s talk the recent Tasha Cobbs X Nicki Minaj collaboration.

Gospel meets Hip-Hop!

As you probably already know there has been an age-old tradition of mixing genres through unexpected collaborations within the music industry. Some of the most successful collaborations gave us songs like “Numb: encore”, naughty boy’s “running” and “broken strings”. The latest addition to that trend has been seen in the flux in gospel artists making records with their non-gospel counterparts, to the disgruntlement of many within the gospel community.

The latest casualty on that list following after Snoop Dogg who is still yet to release a full Gospel album is, Tasha Cobbs.

Inevitably we all have our own opinions about the situation but I am going to try and approach this as objectively as possible.

For those who don’t know, Tasha Cobbs is a renowned gospel artist, whose work is known for touching many hearts. The latest controversy in the music sphere involves her new album “Heart Passion Pursuit” – in particular the song “I’m getting ready” featuring Nicki Minaj.

Before I jump into the rest of this article, I just want to say that I think the album is incredible, and I would most definitely recommend it. The controversy souring this record by no means takes away from the fact that Tasha is a super talented artist who has a fantastic voice.

To say I don’t understand where the gospel community is coming from would be at best ignorant.  It does seem counter intuitive if not just plain confusing to put a rapper who would normally talk about her sexual nature, and refer to herself as a ‘boss b***h’ on a gospel song. Understandably that sends out a whole host of mixed messages. However from the business standpoint of the industry collaborations like this usually happen when either artist (or both) are trying to widen their fan-base. So of course, the apparent ‘fear’ here is the potential for a lot of Tasha’s young impressionable fans to be put on to Nicki Minaj, given her controversial and very explicit content.

But hold on a minute’s guys! No-one even blinked when James fortune collaborated with Monica brown. There was such a lack of backlash about that song that I even forgot it existed. (no disrespect to any of the artists involved it’s a nice record). Don’t even get me started on the amount of collaborations Kirk Franklin has done with non-gospel artists, and gospel crew I’m sure Kirk is still your homie even after all that.

So now the question that remains is whether the issue is the mixing of genres? Or that the featured artist is Nicki Minaj?

The multifaceted rap star is undoubtedly known for sensual lyrics, wild style, and explicit content. Putting her on track with a lady who is an emblem for all things wholesome will undoubtedly ruffle a few feathers. I’m sure the country purists felt it too when the Dixie Chicks first appeared.

But gospel community hold on to your wigs because rumour has it that Fred Hammond has a record coming with snoop doggy dog. Whatever your opinions it seems like this a trend that is becoming more and more popular.

Am I telling you to accept it? No, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What I am asking for is consistency, we can’t come for Tasha and give everyone else a pass. That, and can we chill with the hate – pretty please?

Whatever your opinion on the song, it spreads nothing but positivity and I for one cannot be against that.


Written by Rachel Sanguinetti

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