You may have heard of spring cleaning, however it isn’t only reserved for the ‘spring’ season.

Spring cleaning is often associated with clearing out old junk in a household, from old books to old clothes. If you really think about it, spring cleaning is another way to restart our lives again. Without clearing out the old, we cannot make space for new things to appear in our lives.

Whilst every day comes with an ‘imaginary’ restart button, there’s something about September and October that makes you want to start over again. September and October produce that feeling that we somewhat feel in January; that ‘New Year, New Me’ feeling.

I personally feel that September and October are great months to sit down and review the first 2/3 quarters of the year. It’s an opportunity to say to yourself, ‘I have xyz of the year left, what steps can I take to achieve this goal, or that goal? Where do I want to be by the end of the year’?

It’s a chance to change certain unwanted behaviours BEFORE January comes around. I mean New Year’s resolutions may be fun to make, but why wait till New Years to change an unwanted behaviour. The same thing goes for your personal and professional goals, you may feel as if there’s no time to perhaps accomplish them, but you still have time to do so.

So before the year ends, I invite you to make any lifestyle changes that you would normally wait till January to do.

 This could be anything from joining the gym, and digesting healthier foods, or cutting back on your spending, and finding multiple ways to increase your savings account. It could also be reviewing your mental health over the last couple of months, and seeing what works for you. It’s also an opportunity to discuss what and who should be in your life, and what and who needs to get dropped.

Start your SPRING CLEANING now!

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