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Insecure is a very popular show on HBO just finishing it’s second season. It follows the life of main characters, and best friends Issa and Molly, and looks at their journey in the world of work, relationships and simply living in Los Angeles as black late 20-somethings. Issa works at ‘We Got Y’all’ a non-profit organisation that benefits middle-school students of colour. Molly on the other hand is a successful corporate attorney who has career success, but is having a difficult time with her love life.

Lawrence is another significant character in the show as he is in a relationship with Issa. The dynamic between Lawrence and Issa is complicated as Issa is dissatisfied with Lawrence whilst he does not even recognise his own sluggish behaviour. Towards the beginning of the series, Lawrence is presented as an aspiring entrepreneur, working on his app WOOT-WOOT (a social app). However, he has also been unemployed for 2 years, nor had he made any progress in completing his app.

In this article, we are going to discuss entrepreneurship and relationships, as this was a very fascinating topic which ultimately caused Issa and Lawrence to end their 5-year relationship.

As previously mentioned, Lawrence was unemployed for 2 years as he was trying to work (questionable) on his app, whilst Issa was fulfilling the role as the breadwinner. This subsequently led Issa to be disinterested in Lawrence as he was exhibiting an extreme case of ‘burn out’ and lack of self-esteem. He even suggested for her 29th Birthday they should just sit on the couch and eat take out, like they always do.

This leads me to ask a question to you, the reader: Would you be with an entrepreneurial type, regardless of the high-risk lifestyle entrepreneurs live?

Personally, I feel as though there is a façade interpreted when a person is seen as an entrepreneur. Individuals do not consider that most entrepreneurs fail!

Statistics from Bloomberg state, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months to which Lawrence fits this statistic perfectly. 80% of entrepreneurs fail primarily due to simply running out of cash, hence Issa needing to cater for the both of them financially.

There is a difference between an individual struggling to achieve their dream, and a person with potential, but failing to make actionable steps to achieve their dream. There are a lot of people with potential, but potential does not pay the bills.

Lawrence decided to get his stuff together after two years, once Issa was threatening to leave their relationship. He got a job at Best Buy which he was overqualified for just to start generating an income whilst using his spare time to interview for corporate jobs. All this was insisted by Issa.

Does Issa have the right to determine whether Lawrence should stop trying to fulfil his app in order for him to start providing? Well this is arguable. Two years without seeing any progress, she needed help stabilising the household. After having a conversation with Lawrence, stating she was not happy with his current condition she insisted to see a change. This situation applies to both men and women. In this economy, it would be very hard to support someone and yourself regardless of gender. If you do need a partner who is making active income, and not willing to make that sacrifice for the both of you, end the relationship, period!

Conversely, supporting an entrepreneur who is actively trying to achieve their dream can not only generate wealth for the both of you once the partner has attained success in their venture but also it will create an unimaginable bond between you and your partner.

Moving on to another example of someone being an active entrepreneur is Earnest Marks from Atlanta Fox.

Earn is a Princeton drop out, trying to find himself and discovers his cousin Paper Boi has enormous potential to become prosperous in the hip hop industry, following his first single: Paper Boi. He then becomes his cousins self-proclaimed manager and over the course of the first season, Earn grants Paper Boi vast opportunity within the music industry as he used to be a DJ prior.

Vanessa, Earn’s on and off girlfriend is not too happy with the circumstance as he is not making residual income nor is he sustainably providing for his kid. However, he has ambition and drive. Nevertheless, Vanessa has been socialised in an urban area, and you know how it goes, you work to live rather than living to work.

These are conversations need to be discussed and considered in a relationship because everyone is trying to BE SOMEBODY, but the question is how are you going to deal with an entrepreneur? Food for thought.

One more thing…

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