What Is Athleisure ?


Have you ever wondered which global fashion brand makes the most money in the world?

Ready to find out?

It’s Nike.

Not Gucci, Not Abercrombie and Fitch. Nike!

It’s the iconic sports brand that almost everyone has bought an item from. In fact, if you check the brands finance it’s currently sitting on thirty-two billion dollars. However, it isn’t the only sports brand in the top 10 most valuable apparel. Adidas is up there too- currently sitting on a massive ten billion dollars. This means that these two sport brands are making more than luxurious brands such as Rolex (on seven billion) as well as Cartier (sitting on nearly seven billion). This evidence shows a massive rise in the purchasing of Athleisure- a crossover of Athletics and leisure, that celebrities, and every day people have taken a serious liking to. In fact, one could say that athleisure is becoming the new, most growing high-street style. The fact that Beyoncé’s new sports line ‘Ivy Park’ is heavily sponsored in Topshop is  a very good example of this.


Some argue this new move is connected to the rising feminist movement- is it? You may wonder how the increase of sportswear sales could in any way signify a drastic movement in the ‘woman’s world’ but in some ways, it does. In the ‘past’, and I use this term loosely, women were expected to dress highly and eloquent always. Not to say that sportswear wasn’t nice attire, but it certainly wasn’t worn as your everyday dressing, the way it is now.

But seriously, who cares? Certainly not mum’s doing sport runs; or PR agents doing their duty calls- why wear tight trousers, when you can flex a pair of stretchy jogging bottoms and cute pull over top? Selena Gomez shows us how to pull it off.


Personally, I have always liked the sport clothes range because I find wearing such pieces empowers: you always feel stronger, better and more “alive”. Not only that, but the models hired (in particular for Nike and Adidas) tend to be successful and powerful sports-men and women. Sport clothing makes undoubtedly wish to transfer a form of energy on to their customers.

I will end this piece by showing you Alexanders Wang catwalk collaboration with Adidas last September in 2016- significantly marking the beginning of a new, fresh chapter in the fashion scene. Comfort and style interconnected. Business meets the gym.

Designer Alexander Wang, center right, and Adidas creative director Nic Galway, center left, pose with models after the "Adidas Originals by Alexander Wang'" collection is shown at Fashion Week in New York, Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016.  (AP Photo/Diane Bondareff)

Like the rest of the worlds social entities, style is emerging.


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