Tom Neenan, dry, quick witted and animated leads us through his trip to North America to meet the infamous Sasquatch or as most of us know it, Big Foot. Playing a young David Attenborough, many have shared their impersonations but Neenan’s celebration of the documentarian whilst bringing his own character to the party allows for plenty of fun in the jungle. Emerging from within the audience to take centre stage, Attenborough 2k17 comes armed with projector and SFX to bring life on the nature trail to Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival. Neenan’s fast paced performance shows no let up throughout the hour and we’re even introduced to his trusted and loyal sidekick Shutterstock. Bringing a beaver to life is credit to the comedian’s charm. Set in an intimate space, the safari-suited funny man wipes the sweat from his brow whilst  poking fun at the BBC’s obsession with Eton whilst sharing the benefits of animal poo. Take a trip on the wild side and experience a slide show quite like no other.



You could be forgiven for thinking you’d mistakenly entered a show with a stand-up paying homage to Jim Carrey’s ‘The Mask’. The man with two first names – Jack Barry – is clothed in a polyester weed-print suit detailing the arguments for why marijuana should be legalised. Reliving his time spent at the German Police force, Barry’s likeability gives you enough reason to cast aside your double vodka and coke for just a second and consider his green argument. Barry’s show comes to life when jousting with audience member Warren by taking him to task on his footwear choice of the evening. Warren’s phone rings at an ear-deafening, almost too-good-to-b-true perfect cue only to be unmercifully heckled by Jack – “Who’s calling you? Is it the fashion police?” To say that is the highlight of the show speaks volumes. Flip flops are certainly not advised as far as the fashion police are concerned. Whilst delivering a few laughs at points, the show lacks any real punch and feels more like a pro-weed rally with some middle class references to life as a ‘stoner’. However statistics are in aplenty and even the most avid ‘say no to drugs’ individual may leave just considering a more hazy yet relaxed Britain.


Gully Singh

Twitter @DJGully

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