It took months, literally months, of vigorous investigation and commitment to understand this new culture; this revitalised concept of style and unique fashion dynasty that was introduced by mostly international students who share a real and honest passion for the creative and the unique. At university, I came to realise that this was not simply how one wore and presented clothes, but that the ‘Hype’ was a global, gender free and fluid mindset for all. It is a way of  embracing life at its fullest, regarding all structures of society, with an obvious emphasis on the cultural aspects such as contemporary art and music.HYPE1

Quite simply put, if you like Kendrick, A$AP or Tyler the Creator this fashion scene may just be the one for you.

What I personally like about the Hype Scene is how accepting it is of those who seek to join it. I was the shyest and perhaps most Tumblr obsessed girl on the campus scene.  Yet I could easily rediscover myself and generate a new identity within a matter of weeks. In many ways, Hype also generates healthy competition amongst young people. It is vacuous to state that you need an outrageous amount of money to compete, as one can easily find the coolest clothes out there for a reasonable price. If your budget is high (or rather, cough cough, your parents’) the latest trend is to cop (which means grab) Off-White, Yeezys, Palace and basically anything else with authentic labels that feature on websites such as Ssense. Bear in mind that you should be willing to spend £150 upwards. Or £30 on a pair of neon socks. A little bit down the “money scale” is the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Fila, or vintage Adidas which you can easily come across in an Urban Outfitter sale. In the lowest but still super trill (key word in the hype world for too real) range, one needs to only go to the Paris urban scene to find the likes of RAD- a Parisienne clothing streetwear brand that very successfully mixes underground city with sincere class. Prices for tops value from as low as five euros.


Now for the important bit. Are there any negatives to be addressed regarding this increasingly popular hype culture? In all honesty, this depends on how serious you are with integrating yourself in the vision. For me, the main three issues with the Hypebeast and H-Bae clan are that :

  1. Self- worth becomes hugely dependent on the amount of likes you receive (especially on Instagram). It is scientifically proven that becoming too obsessed with social media and your virtual presence can lead to a wide range of mental health problems. Go outside people!
  2. Celebrities can have a massive influence on you – but not always in the right way! Where are the style risks? Sometimes the big names aren’t repping anything that is remotely original or great. Briefly said- don’t be too influenced by others. It is likely you will never become the best copy-cat.
  3. After buying a new item, you will get an instant high, especially when the product sells out and you can scream with pride at your cheetah-like buying speed . BUT, this feeling is temporary, and whether you like it or not, you will be screaming for another reason when you realise that you are that little bit more broke than you already were 15 seconds ago.


It is fair to say that we, the Youth, have never been so involved with fashion as we are the moment, and it’s only the beginning. Youth-driven Supreme collaborating with Louis Vuitton is only proof of how far this shared culture can go. So, what can we now expect? Expect consistence: a mindset of elevation and hyper-positivity that can only bring happiness and joy to those follow it (and yes slight OCD, please don’t be the crazy guy who puts shoes behind a glass protector to save their ultra-whiteness. Flaunt them instead. Get down and dirty). No two people will perceive Hype culture in the same way, but we each as individuals play a part in the 21st century phenomena. For some, the Hype is nothing other than extreme spending on over-priced items- a rich kid lifestyle. For others, it is a liberation, a praised acknowledgement of youth contribution. Hype offers the world an intimate sneak into the new, compelling dimension of the international fashion scene.

Main photograph models: Prince and Obi





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