5 apps which reduce stress and anxiety

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 Have you been stressed out lately?

Whether you’re a working professional or a university student, stress is a part of life, sadly. We can’t avoid stress, but we can do our best to reduce it. Although, stress isn’t really a bad thing; stress is your body’s way of responding to stimuli from the outside.

Too much stress however, can affect your body, your thoughts and feelings, and your behaviour. Dealing with the overall stress of life can be time consuming. But dealing with stress doesn’t have to be difficult. Self-care is always necessary in order for you to be on top of your game. So these five apps will help you manage stress.


This is personally one of my favourite apps for managing my stress and anxiety. All you need is 10 minutes to follow this guided daily mediation. It’s also been recommended by Emma Watson, so it’s safe to say it’s a good one.

How Are You

I tend to respond to ‘how are you?’ with ‘I’m fine’ when deep down I know at times, I’m honestly not. Most of us don’t answer ‘how are you’ in an honest manner. We tend to beat around the brush, instead of saying how we really feel.

This app helps you to look deep within yourself, so you can find the true causes of stress and anxiety. Once you truly know their sources, you’ll be able to face you them better.


Tracking your mood, and thoughts and feelings throughout the day can be seriously tiring. Pacifica lets you track your mood throughout the day – this helps you to become aware of your own thoughts and feelings, or stimulations.

Mood notes

Mood notes again, lets you track your mood, write about how you feel and helps you to become more self-aware through observation. You can download it on the app store for £2.99.


This app teaches your brain to think positively and develop a firewall against anxiety and stress. Not only do you get to have fun with activities and games built into this app, you also get to do something great for yourself.

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