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One of my absolute favourite things about the current season is makeup! I love playing with different colours and trying things to make my makeup pop. Under all this it is also VITAL that I look after my skin. 

So here are my favourite high end and products in no particular order: 

  1. Lipsticks/lip-gloss/liquid lipsticks. My all time favourite for Autumn. You can wear a colour that sets the mood and just speaks volumes in regards to the colours presented in the current season. My favourite lipsticks for this season are: 
  • Mac antique velvet. This is a great reddish-brown which works as a fear nude for WoC. It’s great for a metallic ombre look also and for that I use Kylie Jenner’s lipkit in King. red-lipstick
  • Nyx ginger snap. This gloss is hands down the best I’ve ever used. It has a brown tint which look heavenly when applied to the lips. nyx-ginger-snap
  • Makeup revolution vamp. I use the liquid lipstick and lipstick of this colour because I love it so much. It’s a dark purple which is a very popular colour for an A/W lip and is very long lasting.purple-lipstickHighlighter. I love to glow in the day time and at night, in summer and winter. My favourite go to highlighters that I use to achieve my angelic glow are Benefit Sun beam and Mac Gold deposit. I apply sunbeam first with a beauty blender as it is a liquid highlighter, then I top it off using a brush with gold deposit. I apply my highlighter to my cuspids bow, the bridge of my nose ( to intensify my contour), the high point of my cheeks, above my brows and just below my brows. This is not necessary for everyone and all the time but for those compliments and that lovely glow, these are the best places to apply your highlighter. mac-gold-depositbenefit-sunbeamEyeshadow This is another one of my favourites that gets me so excited when I write about it. Smokey eyes in winter are the BOMB! I know a lot of ladies struggle with eyeshadow but practice makes perfect, and it’s also all about the blending. My favourite go to palette which I use most times is the sleek storm palette. This palette is extremely underrated just like most of ‘sleek’ products. It’s range of colours are amazing and the different looks you can create from cut creases, to a simply glowy eye many different types of smokey eye. It’s hands down amazing and highly recommended from me. It’s been my go to palette for 2 years.eyeshadowSkincare My fourth go to product is for skincare. This goes out to my oily skinned ladies as this is what I can totally relate to all year round. My favourite set of products to help my oily skin is the body shop seaweed set. It contains a toner, pore cleanser and cream. These products honestly do work. They help not only to cleanse your skin, but also to remove excess oil and actually really cleanse your pores which also helps with the amount of oil your skin produces.
  • photo-2-6My fifth favourite product is Shea butter not the type you get in the stores that have fragrances and all those type of things but 100% Shea butter. This is very good for your whole body during  the winter especially to keep it soft and moist. It’s hard to get the pure version but I suggest you try it out and I promise you won’t regret it. shea-butter

 Last but not least is setting spray. This helps to bring all your makeup together, and keeps it on for hours whether it’s raining, or its sunny, or you’re in the club working up a sweat from dancing this combination helps my makeup to stay on all day. The products I use are urban decays de-slick setting spray and the all nighter one. I use de-slick one for oil control, and then the all nighter spray  after which helps to keep your makeup in place for an elongated amount of time. 

Here are all my top skincare and makeup tips for the Autumn/Winter season. These products are mostly all affordable for students, and of great quality and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy and feel free to share any of your A/W faves!

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