Kevin Munga – How I changed my life.

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MCM are always wanting to acknowledge young people who are making a difference in their community. This month we have decided to shine our light on 23 year old Kevin Munga.

Born on the 1st of may 1993 to Congolese parents who moved to France  in the early 90’s. At the age of 9 due to personal reasons his mother decided to relocate to the United Kingdom, where he was raised in Croydon.

Kevin spent 5 years at Haling Manor High School, and was know to be a rather quiet student. However this all changed at the age of 16 when Kevin realised that in the area in which he grew up in, to be somebody you needed to get noticed,either by being in a gang, affiliated to a gang or be part of some sort of group, so that you could be respected. Or in some cases get fame and attract young women, So i adhered and surrounded myself with the wrong crowd i wore this facade for a few years in order to ‘fit in’.

At the age of 19 in 2012 Kevin attended a church service in Edmonton that he told us he would never forget. ” I will never forget the day, it was a Monday, and the sermon touched me that day, that was the day I realised there was a God who cared for me and I could find my identity in him, the messed up ideology that had incorporated my system was broken. A friend of mine who had previously been in a gang went up to the altar in tears saying how God saved him, and delivered him from his past desires of gang culture and it is only by his grace that he can stand and speak of the good-news today, honestly his words touched me.”

After that day Kevin gave his life to Christ, and all past desires had become a thing of the past, his desire to to want to seek God was so deep and he wanted to have a deeper understanding of who Christ was. Later that year Kevin also had the privilege of giving his life testimony to encourage and inspire other youths who were present. Things picked up rapidly and Kevin started serving in the church becoming a translator. Kevin said “It was all new to me but I loved it, I felt like I was doing the right thing.” After two years Kevin decided to leave his church seeking more growth in Christ. “I had such a big vision I envisioned becoming a youth mediator, youth pastor, community activist, and a lawyer.” In the search for all of these desires Kevin was fortunate enough to find a  local church called New life christian center. “I adhered and started attending a youth service called life lines and one Sunday they asked the congregation if there was anyone who would like to be baptized? and if so to see a member of the pastoral team after the service.” Kevin was convinced it was one of the biggest decisions he would be making but he knew it was the right one. On the 19th of July 2016 Kevin was baptized and although it was still new beginnings he still had all these great dreams he was yet to fulfill.

Further on down the line a job role opportunity at Kevin’s church arose which would consist of going to pupils referral units, Speaking to groups ranging from 11 to 14 years old about Christ on a Sunday and engaging them through games, and doing assemblies for primary school kids through different chapters of the bibles which would turn into series. ” I applied, went for the interview and started serving with the jam team, which consists of Tola Davies, Ryan Hines and up-and coming poet and myself at New life christian center.”

“Our first task was based on creation we taught the kids on how to separate darkness from light the same way it is written in the word through an experiment which consisted of pouring oil black paint and water and after a few minutes you could differentiate the different shades of colors which would represent light and darkness.” After this task Kevin gave his life testimony to a young group on  Sunday about some of the wrong decisions he made as a teenager and how to stay away from wrong crowd which could influence some of their life decisions. Kevin now works in his community by going to pupils referral units, creating friendships with some of the teenagers,  holding assemblies at different primary schools,  and lunch time clubs at different High schools to try and engage the teens.


We asked Kevin where can we keep up to date with what he is doing and what his next business ventures are?

I am on Instagram under the name Kevin_munga1 where I post everything I do in the community and my Facebook and email is another way to contact me. 

My Facebook is Kevin Munga, my email is  In my next business ventures I have many
dreams yet to fulfill I would also like to create an organisation which would invite young people to work shops the target will be ranging from the ages of 16-24. They will be getting interview skills,CV feedback, mentoring, psychological help, sessions on faith and knowing about Christ(optional), university club where they will get help with deadlines assignments and prayers(optional).


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