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F.Y.Fashion is a new business run by Strive Base directors, Victoria Kaboyo and Faban Hiyabu. They work on providing platforms for upcoming clothing lines to showcase and celebrate urban/street wear fashion in the UK. F.Y.Fashion threw their first exhibition last week and I must say, they have definitely got their name out there. Hosted by Nissy Tee there was a wide range of clothing at the exhibition, but I wanted to get to know each of the designers’ work personally. Here is a brief on each of them:

            Feeling Myself

Mercy's bro

Feeling Myself is an independent brand based in London. Their concept was simple and straight to the point, “we want everyone to feel themselves”. In other words, their brand reflects “A fresh empowerment combining simplicity and uniqueness through self admiration.” There’s no doubt that anyone wearing any clothing from their line, will feel great in them. Here is just one picture of their jacket from their clothing line – brilliant quality, style and taste.

A Feeling Myself Jacket (£60)

Website: http://shop.feelingmyselfbrand.com


ldn endz


Established in early 2004, LNDbyEndz is a clothing line influenced massively by Hip Hop and Baseball. Sparked from an obsession of American baseball caps, two artists began to deliberate as to why there were no baseball cap retailers in the UK but only overseas. This is how the idea of LDNbyEndz was created. Since 2004, they have sold to people from all over and not just in the UK, including to artists such as Rodney P and DJ Premier.

Prices range from £15-£30

Website: http://www.ldnbyendz.com/aboutusldnbyendz.html




SAVG initially started as a university project but successfully expanded into a real business. The group has gone from hats to jumpers to hoodies in such a short time. These pictures are only previews of what they have in store for season  As you can see from their logo and designs, they really are savage; they have taken risks, experimented with ideas and evidently, they have all paid off. I see big things with them. Keep your eyes out.

Prices range from £18-£30





These fashionistas only starting selling chokers at the start of 2016 and since then, the female business has just been blooming. They have had customers from California, Australia and even Dubai and if you see the picture below, you’d understand why. Q- Luxe’s designs are original and nothing like I have seen on the high street. They are also totally affordable. It’s a win-win!

Prices range from £9-£15

           Ennali Couture



Coming from absolutely nothing, Ennali Couture have really made a name for themselves selling jumpers and hoodies. They said what inspired them was their past – “we went from tracksuits to suits, from the streets to the boardroom and we wanted our journey to reflect in our clothing.” This picture doesn’t do them justice. It is clear to see that they have really spent time creating these clothing. The materials and designs are nothing like you see everyday in the high street – absolutely unique.

Prices range from £30-£45

Website: https://www.ennalicouture.co.uk


blac shades


BlacShadez is an independent brand based in Birmingham, but this retailer provides shipping worldwide, so you can purchase one of these bad boys from anywhere! She said to me, “my designs are for the brave and out-going. These are for anyone who wants to stand out and be different.” BlacShadez have already established themselves on Instagram, gaining over 2,000 followers after only launching their business 6 months ago. I found these shades to be incredibly stylish and of good quality yet affordable. They are a perfect alternative to the expensive high-end shades that are out at the moment, pricing from only £5. Check them out!

Prices range from £5-£30

Website: http://www.blacshade.com





LiquorLifeUK is also a new clothing line but this has not stopped them from making movements and standing out amongst their competitors. From customising t-shirts for carnival, the creators have moved on to provide for other festive occasions held at popular locations such as Ibiza and Granada, but they similarly deliver for holidays like Labour Day. LiquorLifeUK caps undeniably have a unique selling point; they are distressed. These are hard to find on the market so grab them while you can. Again, like the majority of these brands, LiquorLifeUK are affordable and cater for all. Watch this space, I see big things coming.

Prices range from £10-£30

Website: http://liquorlifeuk.bigcartel.com

         Insane Gentlemen


Inspired by Swiss psychologist, Hermann Rorschach’s Inkblot test, the creator of Insane Gentlemen clothing have based their concept on the art of perception. He told me, “I saw a guy in a suit one day and instantly thought he looked boring, however I quickly realised that that could be me in a couple of years time but I didn’t want to be just any boring guy with a briefcase; I wanted to be an insane gentleman.” I found this particular brand interesting because all of the designs were hand drawn and the clothing was mainly in black, white and grey. This was intentionally because in the words of the designer, “colour can influence the way you perceive things. I used Rorschach’s thinking to influence my work and bring context to my clothing. This is where insanity becomes sanity.”

Prices range from £15-£85

Website: http://insanegentlemen.bigcartel.com



Formed by a group of 5 friends, ages 17-19, the creative bunch launched FCTN in June 2016. Tired of “other people’s brands”, they took off with the aim to “bring something new to the youth”. They commented, “Fashion is always changing but so are we. We wanted to bring something new. Our prices are affordable too; if we can’t afford it ourselves, we won’t sell it.” The group has done so well that they have progressed from selling just hats to personalising T-shirts too. Be sure to check them out!

Prices range from £18-£22

Website: http://fctn.co.uk

I went to F.Y.Fashion Show without any expectations but in the end, I was absolutely blown away. Every brand was different. They each had a unique feel to their clothing line. Tim Westwood even stopped by which was a complete surprise but it just goes to show how hard these girls worked to put on such a great show. There is no question that in a year or two, you will be seeing these names in most high street windows. Be sure to support all of these brands, share, like and buy something!

Mercy Phillips


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