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Last Saturday night, I attended the Blame the Consumer Premiere, where R.M. Moses and his team showcased a range of their latest, exclusive films.

Blame The Consumer is a brand that takes pride in its high level of quality work, specialising in (but not limited to) short films, feature length, screenwriting, cinematography and documentaries. As a team they strive to produce work that is always raising the bar for media production, especially in the UK.

R.M. Moses is the head writer and director of the company, and played the role as host for the night of the premiere. First they played a few short dramas including ‘Grace of Mine’ and ‘Where We Hide Secrets’ as well as others, which all brought to light some important social or personal issues such as dealing with schizophrenia, miscarriage, and death. The audience had a positive reaction to all of these films, however that didn’t compare to their reaction to the finale film.

The finale was the longer short film, ‘Book Trader’, which was a comedy drama starring Maria Sten and Elijah Baker, about the events that follow when a woman with a handicapped girlfriend and a quirky homeless man cross paths. I personally really liked ‘Book Trader’ because I felt that everything from the soundtrack to the storyline and the acting were orchestrated so well. I especially loved Elijah Baker’s performance, and felt that his character, Damien (the homeless man), was very likable and provided an alternative to the stereotypical representation of homeless people. The rest of the audience LOVED this film and gave a standing ovation, plus I even heard crying/sniffling during the emotional end scene!

In general, the event did extremely well to raise the bar for UK cinema, delivering important messages in a way which wasn’t overbearing or boring for the audience members. Also, the premiere gave a chance to showcase some of the new talent in the UK industry, and give them a chance to feel special for the night with a red carpet, an audience, and a big screen.

Tobi also joined me to represent the MCM team at the premiere, and he concluded it was great night, raising awareness of what’s going on in society today, also saying: ‘It shows how the UK Film industry needs to recognise new talents and make films better rather than doing the same storylines over and over again.

We need more movies like Book Trader at the cinema. We need more creative directors who are willing to say, “look, I have a new idea of how we can stop slacking with the same storyline again It’s time we make London cinema great again.’

For more about BTC, R.M. Moses, and their films, take a look at their website:

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