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MCM have been working along side many young clothing brands recently as we are so passionate about showcasing talent and giving people a platform. Our most current fashion brand FCTN have taken social media by storm and are bringing something new and innovative to the market. We managed to catch up with the team wanted to talk to the founder Martin King to find out what started this great venture.

1. What is FCTN? And how did it come about?

FCTN is an abbreviation for Function. FCTN is a brand or lifestyle which is inspired by the way people or things generally work in environments, therefore we based the concept on our minds having a cluster of ideas. I really like the idea of dichotomy and you will see that concept throughout the whole brand e.g. our products, website. FCTN came about through me the founder Martin King who is one of the creative directors or better known as the mad genius. I am heavily influenced by the anime one piece; I used it as my archetype when getting the team together. We are a team of 5, Chris Satchell, JoJo Amissah, Cage Boons, me(Martin King)and Bethany Gatsi. But I just wanted a medium to express my style directly and what better way to do that except a clothing line.

2. What are you trying to represent to your customers?


In terms of what I am trying to represent to the customers, is a mixture of fascination, curiosity of the world, and breaking these things into little stories for all to absorb. However it also represents being you and you alone, basically originality. Everything functions in a certain way just as we do. My vision was also for the consumer to see the extremes of life, through stories that each product has and the visual representations of what these stories told. Things I’d like to create, change, and add too. It is hard to explain I just know what I am trying to show the my customers and I feel like they will understand the message in due time. The narrative will come together.

3. What encouraged/motivated you to take the entrepreneur path at such a young age?

At age 15 I think is when it started? I was writing it (FCTN) on my own shoes, and the word Function caught onto to me then I started to ask how this and that functioned, see what I mean is that curiosity is one of the key concepts in FCTN; that’s how the mantra “until the mind and body give out it’s never going to stop” came about and since then we have ran with it and as a team, it is something we live by. However aside from that short story, I have been wanting to start something for years but I never felt like anything I did was good enough, but getting the right people around me was something that really made me take all my ideas and make them into something tangible.

4. What is it that keep you grounded in what you do?


Every creation is a straight or subconscious inspiration from another. My team, family and just the people who have created and inspired before us are what keep me grounded. Just having that burning desire to be the best as well, is what pushes us to go the extra mile and give 100% at all times. Another thing is the level of respect I have for the people whose work I look up to and thinking about how much they have done and sacrificed to get where they are, that is major driving factor for me.

5. What have you learnt in your journey so far?

Sounds crazy but one of the main things that I have learnt is that I am psychotic and do not know how to explain what I do. Trying to explain my ideas in just words is sometimes almost impossible and I sometimes find it easier to express myself with imagery,sounds etc. I guess I have learnt the true value of the famous quote ‘actions speak louder than words’.

Another thing is that a lot of people just want that one spark to ignite their potential. I will never forget something a peer of mine said to me and that was ‘ you and your team are my inspiration’. I really want to blossom the talent in my local town since there is too much talent to be wasted in all aspects. It’s amazing how the dynamic can shift by something as small just releasing a few hats. Finally that a brand isn’t just a group of individuals who have certain skills in the required field but a family that can grow with you and understand anything you throw at them and you all adapt to one another’s style of work. Like a well refined team that has fun too, because fun is good so is love and trust. I have also learned that we don’t restrict ourselves to the roles we have its guerrilla warfare we are unorthodox, and I am a laid back guy.


7. Where can we keep up to date with your next business?

Follow us on our official Twitter page @FAMILYFCTN and also follow our official Instagram page FCTN_.

Major thank you to you guys at MCM though for giving us this platform.

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