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MCM decided to catch-up with upcoming clothing brand Who Cares London. A clothing line based in London, the name was created as a motivational term to guide young kids in hackney to correct their path, and gain self-belief within themselves to chase their dream without the opinion of others.  As a start up business that has only been going for a few months, we wanted to talk to co-founder Reiss Brightly to find out what started this great venture, and what keeps him going, as well as where he sees himself heading.

Describe Who Cares London? and What is it that first encouraged/motivated you to start a clothing brand?
WhoCaresLondon is a UK based clothing line based in Hackney, London, and eventually for the world to see. It is also being used as a motivational tool for our youth in the local communities helping them to aspire and push for their goals, regardless of all the negativity and set backs the people around them push in their faces.
My business partner Myles as known as Careless UK originally had the idea of a clothing line. I liked fashion but hated the fact that there wasn’t a lot of quality labels that was reasonably priced. Myles and I sat down together, and I said that I would be 100% interested once we created something that was dope and meaningful and the rest is history.
What is it that keeps you grounded in what you do? And who is your target market?
I think what keeps us grounded is our surroundings. We want of a better life without having to look over our shoulders for the police or anyone trying to cause harm to us, as well as wanting to make our parents not only proud, but to allow them to retire early. They have looked after us for so long, it’s only right we return the favour.
This question always makes me laugh because I have dreams of everyone being my target audience. Children, young adults and even mature adults 40 +. Right now we cater to the teens and young adults but with growth we plan to be in the position where we have a baby line, and a work shirt line that that will cater to the working mothers and fathers. Our logo is one of class, so with the right vision and understanding we can cater to everyone. God willing
What have you learnt on your journey so far?
We have learnt that knowledge is power. don’t go into anything blind , doing that made us loose £3000. When you first start off, know what you want and work work work to reach it, but also remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s a process. Stay in your lane, and don’t watch what other people are doing.
What can we expect from you in the future? And what is going to make Who Cares London stand apart from other brands?
This is a question that has a everlasting answer. Until we decide to stop or until God shows us that he has another plan for us we will continue to do what we do. Right now WhoCaresLondon is just trying to make sure that our foundation is solid because we don’t intend to leave once we have our foot in the door. Right now we are focusing on awareness and getting our brand name out there,  once that is set we are looking in to getting permanent spots inside retail stores. As well as being a clothing line WhoCaresLondon also feel that it is our social responsibility to get our WhoCares message of inspiring young people to achieve their dreams out there. Despite of what others may say, so we will also be doing a lot of projects based on getting that message out. There are so many things we want to do, fashion shows, getting into international markets, the list is endless.
What makes WhoCaresLondon stand out is definitely our logo. People love our logo, and soon we will be know for our whocares message as this is something we are definitely trying to push out there, and lastly the most important aspect is our quality. We worked very hard to make sure we have nice cuts and proper quality, so once people start buying they will realise this.
Where can we keep up to date with what you are doing? And do you have any fashion shows coming up?
You can keep up to date with WhoCaresLondon on our social media we have Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all under @whocareslondon and you can also keep up to date on our website www.whocareslondon.co.uk . We have a couple of fashion shows that we are involved in, but we can’t say too much due to the promoters wishes, but we definitely will be in some upcoming fashion shows and maybe a fashion showcase of our own.
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