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Our very own journalist and West Herts second year Journalism student Sychelle Yanda takes her creative gift to the max when she publishes her own book called ‘Between Lovers – A letter Two the one’.

The book is a story told from two ‘lovers’ points of views about their forbidden relationship (how it started and obviously how it ended). The book gives an insight on what it’s like to love someone that comes from a different social background to you with Maia King who plays a rich girl and Mikey who is from the ‘streets’. Their love soon comes to an end because of a lot of reasons – mainly home- wrecking secrets that are being kept.

When asked where she got the idea, Sychelle says ‘it’s based on a real story. Obviously a lot of things were exaggerated but the source is true. I was inspired by their story so had to make it into a book. The real life Maria said she’s grateful I did this, as this was a story she was unable to heal from for a while’.

Sychelle was just 16 when she self-published this book on amazon. The book was available only on kindle and then 8 months later was available as a hardcopy. Sychelle says that she was helped by her local MP to publish this book. ‘I first put it on WattPadd and I was shocked at the amount of attention it got within one week. That’s when I thought of doing something bigger with it. Get paid for it. That’s when I contacted my local MP Richard Harrington who told me about KDP Self- publishing on amazon and well, then the rest is history.’ Just when you think the hard work ends there, Sychelle goes on to explain plans for the FILM version of her BOOK. ‘It’s so hard to attract young people these days. I know that my book will definitely attract young people but it isn’t easy to get them into reading.

It’s easier for them to say oh I’ll buy your book. Just because they buy it, doesn’t mean their reading it. That’s when I thought of putting my book into a visual content to attract my targeted audience’. With the teaser trailer already out and the trailer out this month, Sychelle has plans of screening her film this summer (details TBC) and she has features like Andre Fyffe (Hackney Empire’s Macbeth) Hana Oliveria (Rochelle from R.S’ HoodDocumentary) and Cadet (South London rapper) as well as loads more recognised faces.

We wish Sychelle luck in everything she’s about to do.

Link to Sychelle’s book: Sychelle-


Link to Sychelle’s teaser trailer:


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