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My name is Adrianna and I’m photography student at SGS college in Stroud Gloucestershire.
I am 18 year old female who has been interested in photography since i was 10. After secondary school, I had time to decide on what career path I wanted to go in to and what my main focus in life would be. I then decided to study photography as an A-level, as in the future I would like to open up a photography studio.
In these photographs that I have taken you can see someone cosplaying Harley queen and just one photo which i took as a trial.
 042940fe-bd2c-4c87-8539-fea9cce1aefc These photos are what I choose to capture for my free topic, where we could display what we wanted. Through these photos my aim was to show the audience that in life we can all be whoever we want to be, and do not have to conform to what society tells us to be. My interest in cosplay started around 2 years ago because I’m really fascinated in how you can change into someone you would love to be, and feel free in being that person who is not the real you. You can be in your character no matter your size or height.
To further my skills I plan on going to university, which will then enable me to ,open up my own studio, and let people be who they want to be by the photos i take.
If you would like to see more of my work you can contact me here:
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