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Hey I’m Sellu, the face behind Creative Sellu.

I’m graphic designer residing from North West London. I’m mostly known for my illustrations which you may see have seen on your social media. My motto is ‘keep it creative’ as it is a great motivator and keeps people engaged in what they do, and enjoy Creativity is endless, it makes life more fun and interesting.


The name Creative Sellu started off, as my design name didn’t really think of it from as brand when in university when we had to make mandatory websites in our 3rd year to showcase our portfolio online and have a digital presence which Is key nowadays.

We asked Sellu a few questions about himself and his brand.

How did you start off?

In 2012 after university I started off doing freelance work such as flyers, logo’s and business cards which helped to improve my skills in other areas that I wanted to be good in such as digital illustrating, animating, web designing to mention a few.

I started to get more serious after a family member passed away just before 2013 and from there I’ve kept on going. Even though I have a few ups and downs i.e creative block, over the years I’ve seen progression and I hope it continues.

Who inspires you?

From a graphic design perspective i’m not too sure these days because my style can vary but I like simplistic designs which are straight to the point rather than having a lot of things going on within the design.

In terms inspiration, I get that from looking at work from sites such as deviant art, behance, and sometimes through cartoons or just everyday life around me, which helps to brainstorm ideas and then hopefully bring them to reality.

What Motivates You?

My peers, they keep me going especially the peers that are creative and are constantly putting out their work, they make me up my game and help me to improve to the next level.

The clients that keep coming back for my services, for my designs to use for their  their companies  brand/company motivates me, and gives me confidence to trust in my abilities that I can deliver. It also helps me bring my ideas to reality.

Thank you for getting to know more about me and what I do. Please do check out my work/content below and details about where to find me and contact me.

My illustration of Cadet


My illustration of Rihanna

unnamed (1)

My illustration of 2pac

unnamed (2)

Facebook :

Twitter: @creativesellu



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